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One of the first thing they teach you in Boy Scouts or any survival school is that you can go far longer without food than you can without water.  Fortunately, even in a city setting, water is easy to store.  Until you invest in a fancier solution, 5-gallon food grade buckets are cheap, and stack well.  You can easily store 60 gallons of water in a small apartment.  For water storage you always want to fill from the tap, since you want the chlorine.  Otherwise it might grow algae.  Water storage would complement common sense measures like filling up your bathtub at the first sign of trouble, but disaster doesn't always politely give you time to get home from work and take emergency measures before it strikes.  Survival recommendations often quote a figure of a gallon of water per day per person, but this typically includes washing and other non-drinking needs...READ MORE...


Berkey has won the respect of preppers and outdoorsmen everywhere.  The tricky thing about water purification is that some, such as the well-known Lifestraw, do a good job of filtering out pathogenic microorganisms, but nothing about man-made pollutants such as pesticides, detergents, or industrial heavy metals.  This portable unit does both.  Combined with a few drops of bleach put into the water before filtration, you can have the safest possible drinking water even if you are on the move.  This would complement a more robust filter system like the Big Berkey (or a much cheaper Do-it-Yourself version we will show you how to make.)

You can spend over $250 on the best camp filter, or you can spend a hundred bucks on the key elements, the carbon block filters, and make the unit yourself as TylerTalksTrash shows us below.  These come in sets of two almost anywhere you look on eBay, but one element will work also.   An additional filter which also takes out fluoride and arsenic can be incorporated, although in a SHTF situation these would likely not be your biggest concern.

Water Storage

Yet another elegant solution to having long-term water, should normal supplies become unsafe, or unavailable.  At one half gallon per day per person just for drinking, two of these barrels would constitute a four month drinking supply for two people.  These made in USA barrels are BPA-free, low-leaching plastic.

Still plenty of debate over which semi-portable water filter is the best, but the Big Berkey is always in the top tier.

This gets included for pure cool!  Being able to take a warm, if not hot, shower may become a luxury at certain times, and this model has good reviews.  Made of material which absorbs the sun's heat, so depending on the temperature of the air, the water may not be hot, but it will be warmer than standing water.  In summer the water temperature could get to be pretty hot. 

Use under-the-bed space for your water solution with these strong, food grade plastic water bladders, which also come in 150 gallon capacity.  If you are far from a garden hose, like high up in an apartment building or house, you'll need to figure out a faucet-to-garden-hose connection, such as this Italian-made faucet adaptor which has fair reviews.  150 gallons is a fair amount of water.  That's half a year's worth for one person or 3 months for two.  Therefore a few of these in a household will have a family water-prepped for awhile.

Ok so you are a good little prepper and got your water storage containers, how are you going to fill them up?  A garden hose might work, but what if it can't reach?  Then you might be lugging 5 gallons of water up or down stairs.  Bathtub or utility sink might be too small or not enough clearance.  This little guy might be an answer.  Study the drawings in the eBay post to see if it will fit your kind of faucet.  Basically it's a rubber seal that clamps over many different sizes of kitchen or bathroom faucet, then attaches to an ordinary garden hose.