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Now registering as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, please donate to our GoFundMe campaign to cover costs of registration! How to Pass a Hand Count the Ballots Law in Your State

Find Out if Your Vote-Counting Machines Make Images of the Paper Ballots

Democracy Lost: A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries Tracker: Campaign to Audit 2016 Elections, Election Registrars' Responses to Demands for Ballot Images

Find Out if Your Town's or City's Vote-Counting Machines Have Images of the Paper Ballots

1. Go to the Verifier here at VerifiedVoting.org.

2. Choose your state in the drop-down box to the right.  Leave the other drop-down boxes alone.  Last box should be set to "2016."  (States of special interest are Penn., Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan NV, NC, Virginia, NY, Ohio, AL, WV, MS, TX, WI, CT. )

3. Click "SEARCH."

4.  Scan the list for your town or city in the list which comes up.  Under the column labeled "Model," if your town uses any kind of Election Systems & Software (ES&S) voting system, such as the "DS200," a "DS850," you have ballot images created as paper ballots are fed into the machine.  You also have them if your town uses the "ImageCast Precinct" from Dominion Systems.  If you are not sure and have difficulty making the determination, email handcounttheballots -- AT -- gmail -- DOT -- com and we will try to help.  The digital ballot images for each election are in the possession of your elections department.  Write straight to the supervisor or commissioner and demand copies of all the images, which are probably in a "zipped" file which can be put onto a thumb drive.  Alternatively the county or town could post the image files online.  

5.  To see a list of which cities and towns use these kinds of machines, the ES&S or Dominion Systems, go back to "Verifier."  After choosing your state again, go to the drop-down box saying "All Makes."  Choose each one of these companies, ES&S, and Dominion Systems, in turn.  Click on "SEARCH."  You will see a list of the towns using these companies' machines, which means they make ballot images.

6. If your election officials refuse to give you access to the ballot images, please contact HandCountTheBallots  AT gmail DOT com

<span class="caption_text">Online tool at VerifiedVoting.org for determining type of system used in US precincts.</span>

Hand Count the Ballots is dedicated to seeing all US elections conducted by paper ballots, hand-counted in full public view, similar to trail-blazing jurisdictions such as Columbia County, NY and Yolo County, CA.

Hand Count the Ballots is now registering as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of registration!

CONTACT: handcounttheballots AT gmail.com