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The items in this eBay store are the result of intensive research, carefully considered and placed here with quality and cost-effectiveness in mind. That is why you don't find MREs (meals-ready-to-eat) or many other fancy "prepper" items. For the money you are better off buying canned goods and certain dry items, and nutritional supplements. You don't need a fancy camp stove, but you do need a rated sleeping bag, if the heat goes out and you live someplace where it gets bitter cold in winter. You also need to know that running a camp stove indoors without adequate ventilation is a good way to asphyxiate....READ MORE...

A food dehydrator is the initial key to real prepping, because dehydrated foods are light and transportable, keep long, and you can dehydrate nearly anything. 
This brand is the gold standard, although there are
cheaper brands which get the job done.  To get it done
with a minimum of time and frustration, though, Excaliber is the way to go.  Click through to eBay HERE and shop for a 9-tray model for lots of dehydrating.  Learn about dehydrating food HERE and HEREVacuum seal dehydrated food.

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We cannot take running clean water for granted at all times in the future.  Municipal water systems are vulnerable and from water from our rivers, lakes and streams are not safe to drink straight from the ground.  The tricky thing about water purification is that some products, such as the well-known Lifestraw, do a good job of filtering out pathogenic microorganisms, but nothing about man-made pollutants such as pesticides, detergents, or heavy metals.  This Berkey unit does both.  Combined with a few drops of bleach put into the water before filtration, you can have the safest possible drinking water even if you are on the move.  This would complement a more robust filter system like the Big Berkey (or a less expensive Do-it-Yourself version you can make.)

Even if you hate camping, the best solution to the heat going out in your home, if you live where there are cold winters, is simple. This tent is rated as three-season but reviewers have praised it for staying warm into the single digits.  If you live in one of the coldest US climates such as Michigan or northern Maine, you'll want  a true four-season tent such this one.  This is exactly what many South Koreans are doing after taking 23 nuclear power plants off-line, and watching energy costs skyrocket. 

Burning most biomass fuels indoors, unless you have a fireplace or a woodstove, can asphyxiate you or burn the only shelter you have to the ground.  Kerosene heaters can be dangerous if one does not follow instructions or is careless, and kerosene is an expensive way to heat a house.  The best strategy for staying warm in a prolonged emergency is to know how to conserve body heat, and to make the space you need to heat smaller.  That means the right clothing, and in bitter cold, a four season tent.   Winter campers stay warm in these, because they trap body heat while allowing the tent to "breath."  Pitch it right in the middle of your living room, crawl in, and be warm.  With a winter-rated sleeping bag, you can be warm even in the single digits and below.  There is no greater misery than shivering in bitter cold, and trying to sleep.


You can spend over $250 on the best camp filter, or you can spend a hundred bucks on the key elements, the carbon block filters, and make the unit yourself as TylerTalksTrash shows us here.  These Black Berkey carbon filters come in sets of two almost anywhere you look on eBay, but one element will work also.  

The lights are out in the city at night.  No one who hasn't experienced it knows how disconcerting this can be.  The sidewalks are dark, and quiet.  If you need to move, you want to know if someone is hiding in bushes.  This infrared scope gives you reported 50 ft-100 ft or more range.  Seeing someone before they see you is preferable in most situations.  Military spec for night vision runs into the thousands of dollars.  For the money, for just scanning sidewalk bushes or a back yard, this will do the job.

Important preps are packages of "Bic" lighters and wooden matches wrapped in plastic and/or dipped in wax for waterproofing.  Store plastic lighters in the fridge, they last longer.  But you should also have something that will strike a spark for back-up.  The idea of back-up is big with preppers.  We assume something will fail or you will lose it.  Preppers say: "If you have two you have one, if you have one you have none."  One flashlight will break.  Have two.  Murphy's Law kicks in with a vengeance at the most desperate times.  This knife has a spark striker as well, so you can build fires like thisHere too.   We recommend having a stock of steel wool and cotton balls for tinder.  With steel wool, you can also start a fire with a 9v battery, even if the wool is wet.  Yes, this knife is a very practical item, but let's admit it: it's also kind of cool.  Prepping is fun!

A common newbie prepper oversight is not having a whetstone to sharpen your knife or hatchet with.  You'd be surprised how fast a knife goes dull with heavy use, and a dull knife is nearly useless.

View these videos by Greenpowerscience to see how these inexpensive pieces of plastic could become the a key to future off-grid living.  You can easily boil water with only sun power, which solves water desalinization, sanitation, and cooking issues.  Even one basin of hot water for sponge baths in the winter will feel like heaven.  Get yours and then join the race to build your own fresnel lens invention.  Warning: these are not toys, never leave them out in the sun, or they could burn your house down.  The lens pictured above is a small one.  The larger ones generate almost frightening amounts of heat.

We take fresh produce and food variety for granted in normal times, which provides the range of nutrients necessary for resistance to disease, and for proper body functioning.  When these are not available, resistance to disease declines.  Wounds do not heal properly.  Being malnourished and vulnerable to illness can be dangerous when hospitals are closed and antibiotics are not available.  Colds can turn into pneumonia, and pneumonia can kill.  We like this supplement powder for sprinkling onto your meals for the best-rounded nutrition possible.  You may be on a monotonous diet of staple foods, so a large stock of good quality multi-vitamins is also critical.