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Yes Orlando Was a False Flag. Yes People Died

By Publius

It is possible no one died in Orlando, .  It was certainly a false flag attack.  But until more investigation takes place, it is more likely people did die.

Practically, it would require the creation of hundreds of personas and supporting personas, so elaborate and complex it would just be easier to kill people.  They get away with it.  9/11 told us that.

Consider Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez.  No one can spring whole cloth into existence.  Every person has family, work, relationships, history, and all the, shall we say, archaeological artifacts humans leave to give evidence of their lives, perhaps short, on Earth.  Family photos, baby spoons, and such.  One would have to confirm that no family members existed, no birth records, nothing, or an especially unlikely stretch, conclude all family members were in on the plot, and hiding the victim, alive and well.


Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez, March 10, 2014 Facebook entry

The Orlando victims were all of an age and culture where they were likely to have Facebook pages.  It would be difficult, not impossible, to explain victims' Facebook pages with detailed past posts on the victim's life and activities, such as Geraldo's above.  True, even this could be counterfeited, but it behooves false-flag investigators to close the avenues of inquiry which might prove that a person existed, rather than assume that none of them did, that "no one died," before assuming they either didn't die, or never existed.

That is our only choice.  If the victims named by the media existed but didn't die, where are they?  In this case being killed and dumped at sea makes no sense, because it would be easier to kill them in a club or theater.  It might make some sense in the case of 9/11 that the actual aircraft were dumped at sea, if the impacting aircraft needed to be customized in some way.  But in this case it would make no sense.

Similarly for Twitter accounts, high school classmates sites, local newspaper items on school sports and other events.  It is possible that some victims are fictitious, while others are not.  This would explain the bad acting, but again, with more investigation required.  But a very quick initial Internet search into three of the alleged victims, Gerlado Ortiz-Jimwnez, Kimberly Morris, and Christopher Sanfeliz, shows past-dated Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.  This brings us into a level of sophistication for the false flag attack which is far greater than necessary to impact a broad agenda.  And again, you somehow have to harbor a belief that for some reason NWO minds killing real people.  As we know from 9/11, it does not.

What about the lack of blood?  Yes that is peculiar, possibly a result of the media's squeamishness at showing gore, but also perhaps pre-planned, in order to get the "no one died" meme going.  The no-one-died meme is particularly repulsive to the public, and, as argued, cannot be held without extensive investigation showing that all traces of a person's existence are false.  The no-one-died meme serves to demonize and marginalize truth-seekers, exactly what NWO would want.

There are other more simple reasons that we know Orlando was a false flag, like the impossible rate of reload and firing in seven minutes, expending 30 thirty-round clips.  It would take seven minutes to ram home and drop thirty clips without even any aiming and firing.  Adam Lanza allegedly fired six thirty-round clips in six minutes, presumably firing as fast as he could fire and reload between classrooms.  The Orlando shooter would have had to fire, aim and reload five times faster than allegedly Lanza did.

There were at least two shooters, maybe a Mossad-CIA hit team, creating a crossfire.  Why did it take the cops so long to storm?  This would give the team a chance to escape via its predetermined escape route.  Remember they razed Sandy Hook school to the ground, and required the contractors sign an agreement not to talk about anything they had seen during the demolition?  That could conveniently include any tunnel work or suspicious excavations or exit entrance-exit hatches on the site.  False flag attacks are sophisticated operations, but not so sophisticated that no one can die.  The propaganda value is more effective when people do.

Mateen was gay and a club patron.  For all we know he might have simply been going in to have a drink.

The most persuasive evidence that Orlando was a false flag was that he ran a gun purchase background check through the FBI's own databases, something the FBI would know.  As a previous "person of interest" who had been interviewed three times and put on a watchlist and then removed (does the FBI ever remove people from watchlists?  How many are on it and don't even know it?) - the FBI would have a flag raised if he was trying to buy a weapon.

It's called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Index,  owned and run by the FBI, and along with other databases owned and run by the FBI, it tells the FBI when someone is trying to buy a gun, and exactly what gun store he is standing in doing so.  The FBI can add people into the database for reasons other than the statutory disqualifications, such as being convicted of a felony or being subject to a restraining order.  A CNN report states:

"Individuals can also be added to the NICS index outside of potential gun sales, on the recommendation of psychiatrists, mental health institutions and family members."

So for "persons of interest" who are of interest enough to interview three times, put on a watchlist, known for using incendiary jihadi language, the FBI wouldn't put a flag on him in the gun background check database?  After Aurora, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Killeen, Newtown, and many others?

There is no such thing as a perfect crime.  There is always an Achilles Heel in the story, but only if investigators recognize it.  In Orlando, it is not whether anyone died, but why did the FBI sit back and watch Mateen buy a high-capacity, high-velocity semi-automatic rifle and do nothing about it?

People who argue too strenuously that "no one died" should be suspect as government disinfo, to throw us off the trail.  Even the eminent Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has been suckered into falling for the meme, but I suspect this is a temporary lapse of his formidable reasoning powers.


Christopher Sanfeliz, 2012 Twitter account


Kimberly Morris, July 3, 2015 Facebook entry

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