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There are three things your body needs to stay alive and functional:

  • Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • Protein
  • Calories

A severe shortage in any one of these categories, and you starve.  You can have adequate calories but without vitamins you will be malnourished, and get sick.  In normal times you get enough of all these from a varied diet.  When this variety disappears, like fresh produce, you can easily become malnourished even with an adequate calorie count.  Cans are one of the best ways to stock up on food, because they have a long shelf life, and do not require fuel, water, or oil for cooking, any one of which might be in short supply.  A combination of canned food, dried staples like beans and rice, and nutritional supplements is your best preparation for food shortages, or a hyperinflation which makes staples unaffordable.  White rice keeps longer than brown rice, and comes in 20 lb. bags that are very cost effective.  A few of these, many bags of beans, and a closet stacked with cans is a basic emergency food store...READ MORE...

If there is no electricity there is no refrigeration.  Things like eggs are at risk of quickly spoiling.  Eggs are a well-rounded, nutritious protein.   Unopened can shelf life 10 years, a year after that.   At 92 servings, each serving comes in at well under $1.

These cans of beef have an almost indefinite expiration date and are a good portion to give three or four people a meal of beef protein and nutrients.  Other brands offer portions which may be too large to manage in one can.  Remember, assume there is no refrigeration and meat not eaten immediately may spoil.

The above is a good selection of heirloom, non-GMO vegetable seeds, which means the plants will themselves produce seeds for perpetual food production.  Seeds not labeled as non-GMO may not.  Other eBay deals we like on seeds below.  You can always learn to garden, but first you will need to have seeds.  Buy seeds now while you can still buy seeds!  Use clean dirt from a garden shop or a hardware store if you are in the city, where many years antifreeze, oil, paint, battery acid, or other industrial pollutants may be dumped in the soil.  Keep seeds in the refrigerator for decades-long viability.

Emergency Food Survival Vegetable Seeds 54 Variety 34,000 Organic Non Gmo - US $26.95

This brand advertises no MSG additives, or fillers.  Shelf life 12 years and longer.

Protein powder is a good meat substitute for supplementing otherwise low protein meals. 

Powdered milk is another excellent addition to food preps, loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

A large stock of a good general purpose vitamin or the ones you prefer is a critical part of good prepping.  Vitamin deficiencies from a bland and unvaried survival diet will result in formerly eradicated diseases like rickets and scurvy, and increase susceptibility to colds which turn into deadly pneumonia.  Wounds and injuries do not heal when you are malnourished.  With hospitals closed or overflowing, standard medical care may not be available, and normally treatable disorders become serious.  This brand has reasonable reviews and is inexpensive.


We like this powder for its broad profile of trace minerals and even herbs which support health and immune system function.  Sprinkle it onto meals.

We take for granted the remarkable range of foods, spices, and supplements which are available in a fully functioning modern economy, which provides for fully stocked shelves of everything imaginable.  Our bodies require a wide array of trace minerals, which we obtain through variety.  In the absence of variety, seaweed is one of the best sources of almost all the trace elements needed for the human metabolism.  Unfortunately, since Fukushima, buying seaweed has gotten a little more complicated.  The following image shows that ocean life in the Pacific has been pretty much compromised by radioactive currents flowing east from Fukushima.  Therefore try to stick with North Atlantic seafood.  There may be no cause for alarm, but governments conveniently do not test seafoods for Fukushima radiation.  Until they do, we have every right to be cautious with our consumer dollars, to the best of our abilities.

Surface (0–200m) of Cesium-137 concentrations (Bq/m3) by (a)April 2012, (b) April 2014 (c) April 2016 and (d) April 2021. Image Credit: University of New South Wales

Turmeric is the single most important spice in a health regimen, with amazing immune system and antioxidant powers.  Sprinkle it on nearly everything you eat.  Have lots of it in stock.