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Prepper Antibiotics, and First Aid

During SHTF many things may go wrong or slide downhill.  Without unlimited water and electricity hygiene might suffer, as doing laundry becomes difficult and access to hot, running water is not guaranteed.  Pneumonia is a danger when living in freezing cold without heat, and hospitals are closed or inaccessible.  An obvious problem with prescription antibiotics is that you need to be already diagnosed before you can get them.  In emergency medicine, you cannot foresee what you will need at a time when professional medical care becomes difficult to obtain. 

Fortunately, professional sources such as Patriot Nurse confirm that good American-brand pet antibiotics, such as Thomas Labs, are safe for people, i.e. fish antibiotics.  These can be purchased without a prescription.  Although it is never recommended that you take pet antibiotics instead of the equivalent for humans if professional care and a prescriptions can be obtained, in a SHTF situation, when cuts and wounds can become infected and, left untreated, can develop into a life-threatening condition, pharmaceutical-grade antibiotics can be worth more than gold, and save a life. 

Please study Patriot Nurse's presentations on prepper antibiotics below, and visit her website at PatriotNurse.com

VIDEO I: PATRIOT NURSE: Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage

VIDEO II (BELOW): PATRIOT NURSE: Are Fish Antibiotics Safe for Humans?

First Aid

The topic of first aid is vast, and there are already hundreds of excellent web pages dealing with first aid in times when no professional medical care is available.  We share the following sites on first aid topics.  Study first aid diligently.  This list will grow as we discover new sites.

Refer to Patriot Nurse videos above

Refer to Patriot Nurse videos above

Refer to Patriot Nurse videos above

Patriot Nurse says we need one of these if we are going to be administering antibiotics as emergency medicine.  It's cheap just buy it. 

Refer to Patriot Nurse videos above